Monday, January 28, 2008

Button Nose

He Says:
dango bana=button nose
I was thinking which word is good to write for this blog,then I thought of dango bana. Because the word is regarded as a dirty word to insult especially to girls.
But you know, my wife who is an American pointed out "button nose is a good word".
I couldn't understand why the word is good.
It's a kind of cultual difference,interesting to know.
Because in Japan,sooo many people wish for a big nose.
So especially many jp girls get a nose job for bigger nose.Some of them have a complex about their nose.
So if you say dango bana to people in Japan, so many jp people would be hurt.And they would be happy if you say "you have a big nose".
Strange huh?

She Says:
He wrote this a few weeks ago (His Mother has been visiting, so we haven't had much time for updates). And when I said that people do want a button nose, it's true...
But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the word "button nose" means slightly different things. To us, a button nose is a nose that's cute and small. But in Japan, it means more flat. As He said, Japanese people tend to compliment a "big nose", but the way they say it, it means a "tall nose", or in other words, a nose that sticks out of your face.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Skanky Ho (どろぼう ねこ)

He Says:
dorobou neko (どろぼう ねこ)=theving whore
dorobou is a thief. neko is a cat.
This word is mostly used by girls.
The situation they would use is that there is one couple, another girl loved the boyfriend, and he cheats.
Then the ex-girlfriend would say to the new girlfriend, "dorobou neko!!".
Originally dorobou neko was used by a fish store. But recently we don't see many fish stores,we use the word mostly for love affair stuff or something.
So if you get or steal someone's treasure or something against the person's will,you would be insulted with the word when you are in Japan.

She Says:
This one was a little hard to come up with a good word. I'm not sure that we would usually use the word "thief" in this situation. Usually we might say "skanky ho" or "scheming bitch". But I dunno. What do you think?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

How to pick up Japanese guys.

So, He's taking his sweet time getting more dirty words to me, so I thought I'd talk about how to pick up Japanese guys.
We all know that foreign guys go to Japan and it's like they're gods and they can get all the pussy they want and blahblahblah. But most women complain about the lack of eligible companionship. They feel that because Japanese men never approach them, they are not interested. Why is this?
Here's the deal. (Sweeping cultural generalizations ahead...)
Japanese men are shy and insecure. They've been fed the bogus line about how small their dicks are for ages. They assume that foreign women would never possibly be interested in a Japanese man and so they don't even try.
The truth is that foreign women in Japan can have the same god-like status as foreign men. You just have to work it a bit. Be a bit more forward. You don't have to do all that much. But you can't just sit there and avoid eye contact and expect guys to approach you. Just a tiny tiny bit of extroverted-ness and you'll never have to go home alone if you don't want to...
Before I met my husband I was like the Queen of Nanpa (scoring). I would be able to walk into a bar or club and choose the guy I wanted. And I always got him (even if just for a few hours. ;-) )
Try this:

1. Smile. You know that scene in Memoirs of a Geisha where she like checks out a guy, averts her eyes and he totally falls off the bicycle? Well, you have that same power. Seriously. Start catching guys' eyes and smiling. You will be surprised at how they completely stop what they are doing, drop whatever they are holding and otherwise make fools of themselves. It's powerful ladies. Damn powerful.
2. Approach them. You don't have to say anything profound or have a good pick up line or anything. Just say "Hi." It works. The guy starts thinking "Whoa. She's talking to me."
3. Try to speak Japanese. Many guys won't try to speak to you because they are worried that their English sucks. Or maybe they don't even speak any English at all. Speaking Japanese, even if you completely suck, will put him more at ease. If he sees that you are willing to try to speak Japanese, then he will be more willing to try to speak English. Chances are his English is much better than your Japanese. So even making a lot of mistakes with your Japanese is amusing and shows effort.
4. Buy Funny T-shirts from J-list. This was seriously my secret weapon. I had a "Looking for a Japanese Boyfriend" shirt and a "I Love Hentai" shirt as well. These were always big hits with the guys because it gave them an easy opener. They could just make a comment about my shirt.

The downside to these is that you won't necessarily get guys that are boyfriend material. Just like Japanese women are to foreign are exotic to these guys. Some of them just wonder things like "Is it different to have sex with a foreign woman?" and dumb things like that.
But you can score all you want.
Another time I'll talk about how to get a boyfriend...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Old Fart (くそったれ じじ)

He Says:
kusottare jijii (くそったれ じじ)=you shitting old goat!
jijii means old guy like more than 70years old. and kusottare is fucking shit(see the one Dec.14 blog). So you can say this word to old men, but can say to young men. That'll be more powerful insult.
And that'll be so nice if a female uses the word to men.
You can say it to your fucking shit boss or someone.
I bet many japanese don't expect you non-jp people can use this word,
so they would be so surprised when you say this word.
jijii is old man,and old lady is babaa.
So kusottare babaa is also cool to say to them!

She Says:
Mmmmm....I don't have anything to add about this one.