Monday, January 28, 2008

Button Nose

He Says:
dango bana=button nose
I was thinking which word is good to write for this blog,then I thought of dango bana. Because the word is regarded as a dirty word to insult especially to girls.
But you know, my wife who is an American pointed out "button nose is a good word".
I couldn't understand why the word is good.
It's a kind of cultual difference,interesting to know.
Because in Japan,sooo many people wish for a big nose.
So especially many jp girls get a nose job for bigger nose.Some of them have a complex about their nose.
So if you say dango bana to people in Japan, so many jp people would be hurt.And they would be happy if you say "you have a big nose".
Strange huh?

She Says:
He wrote this a few weeks ago (His Mother has been visiting, so we haven't had much time for updates). And when I said that people do want a button nose, it's true...
But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the word "button nose" means slightly different things. To us, a button nose is a nose that's cute and small. But in Japan, it means more flat. As He said, Japanese people tend to compliment a "big nose", but the way they say it, it means a "tall nose", or in other words, a nose that sticks out of your face.


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

this is such a great blog, i've been missing it the last couple months tho. would love to see more. ;)

Dan said...

Hey guys, just found this blog. I really like the he said/she said angle, and the gender mix is really refreshing (I'm in a UK-male/J-female relationship and that's all we ever seeem to meet).

But nothing for four months? Come on! The dirty tongued international community needs your help!

Unknown said...

Hey, love the site. We just had a dinner party and at the end of the night, we looked up "Dirty Japanese Words" to try and get a rise out of our Japanese guests. Glad we found you!

Anonymous said...

this maybe a random question... what does "shiki" mean?

Aidan Pheil said...

I think a "flat nose" is called a "pig nose" in English. So "button nose" means adorable small nose, but "pig nose" means ugly flat nose.

That's probably why "button nose" doesn't translate well.